22/03/202415.00-16.00Welcome to the MEDS ACADEMYIntroduction of the partners and the programme of Smart Destination ManagersAll partners
09/04/202415.00-16.00The role of Innovative Tools and Data Analysis in sustainable tourism planning – the Tourism 4.0 experienceThe role of Innovative Tools and Data Analysis in sustainable tourism planning – the Tourism 4.0 experienceUrška Starc Peceny, PhD, CIO and Tourism 4.0 Lead at Arctur d.o.o., is a tourism expert specialising in strategic planning and a member of various expert groups at EU level (Smart Tourism Destinations, Together for Tourism etc.). She is a project leader with extensive experience in the development of innovations and their implementation in tourism.
23/04/202413.00-14.30Marketing and promotion of SMART destination – how to increase the efficiency with AI-assistantIn this one-hour workshop, AI enthusiasts Kati and Teet Torim show how AI can increase efficiency and cut the costs of marketing activities: discover practical tools, tricks, and AI solutions that help tourism enterprises save time, and cut costs. When it comes to creating content, making presentations, translating texts, working with documents, making video subtitles, creating product photos, editing, creating ads, and creating designs – all that can be delegated to AI tools. The biggest win is to create a personal AI assistant, who helps you with daily marketing. In that workshop you’ll be shown how to build your personal marketing assistant.Kati and Teet Torim, AI-marketing lecturers with former experience in operating tourism ventures, they bring a wealth of practical knowledge to this workshop.
10/05/202415.00-16.00Smart Destination Management: Strategies for Sustainable Tourism GrowthWe will explore various aspects of destination management, including digitalisation, sustainability practices, cultural heritage conservation and promoting creativity in the tourism sector. Through case studies, we will tell how destinations can leverage innovative approaches to improve visitor experiences while minimizing environmental impact.Recharge Nature Emma / DMO Dolomiti
27/05/202415.00-16.00Digital interpretation of cultural heritageIn the presentation, Matevž will introduce how novel interpretation technologies (VR/AR, holograms,
apps…) can be used in the interpretation of cultural heritage, especially within the cultural tourism sector.
Through a series of case studies from Slovenia, Matevž will showcase the principles and approaches,
building on top of 3D digital capture. The presentation aims to motivate participants to engage in inspirational examples that pay respect to the heritage and engage new audiences.
Speaker: Matevž Straus, Heritage+ Lead, holds an Erasmus Mundus M.Sc. degree in Urban Studies as
well as an MSc degree in Market Communication and a B.A. degree in Analytical Sociology, both from
University of Ljubljana. Over the last 10 years, he has been working at the crossroads of heritage and
innovation and led several award-winning projects.