Meds Academy

The MEDS Academy will uptake the informal learning methodology, combining digital microlearning with physical face-to-face co-creation labs. A hands-on educational programme will explore best principles and practices of UN Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Development, European Capitals of Smart Tourism, Destination Management and Marketing, Public-Private-People Management, Project Design and Management, and key concepts of Tourism 4.0. Learners will be immersed into work-based learning experiences in which they will act as Budding Managers of Smart Destination and will develop new projects and actions of sustainable tourism that can be driven and led by public authorities, also by activating public-private partnerships, and by using public and private resources.


All in all, the MEDS project aims at creating a multidisciplinary community providing all involved stakeholders with actionable fundamentals and principles to be used in project works and conveying specific knowledge and skills, including mentoring pursued by the multidisciplinary group of people involved.

Professional profile upon completion of the programme

Immersion into the MEDS training program will lead you to become a highly skilled professional, equipped to navigate the constantly changing landscape of smart tourism. Our comprehensive program will empower you with a blend of digital, sustainability, and entrepreneurial expertise, enabling you to drive innovation and success in the tourism industry.

As a participant in the MEDS training, you will gain a deep understanding of the latest trends and developments in the tourism industry. You’ll grasp the needs and preferences of modern travellers, enabling you to anticipate their demands and create innovative solutions that resonate with them.

Commit yourself to lifelong learning and professional development! MEDS fosters an environment that encourages continuous growth, ensuring you remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

The Academy Structure

Our mission is to build upon the key concepts and practices of the European Capitals of Smart Tourism, focusing on Accessibility, Sustainability, Digitalization

Cultural Heritage, and Creativity. Enroll in the academy and gain access to

Exclusive learning materials
Participate in the Budding MEDS program.

Engage in a structured project work that will enable you to showcase your idea during the final event in Matera, in front of institutional representatives, DMOs, and stakeholders.

Educational Methodology

An innovative learning approach that combines digital microlearning and national and EU-level webinars

Program Focus

EU Smart Tourism Best Practices
Agenda 2030 and SDGs
Public and Private Partnership

Budding MEDS

Students will be immersed in work-based learning experiences

Case Studies & Testimony

In-depth exploration of best practices in smart destination management

Join us at the MEDS Academy
where the future of tourism destination management
converges with innovation, sustainability, and smart leadership!

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