Circularity, as described in the UNWTO’s article, represents a strategic approach for the tourism sector, especially regarding the ways to minimize its environmental impacts, including waste and pollution as well as CO2 emissions, with the potential of a circular economy to decouple economic growth from resource use.[1]

If we can rethink progress and growth from a circularity point of view through enhancing and advancing resource efficiency in the tourism value chain a circular economy in travel and tourism can be an option. By integrating strategic approaches towards circularity, a more sustainable and resilient pathway for the tourism sector can be achieved.

Circular economy for tourism businesses

For tourism businesses, the circular economy can bring competitiveness, not only in connection with opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and the diversification of income streams, but also as government and investors are increasingly looking at environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.

Circular economy for tourism destinations

For tourism destinations, the circular economy offers the opportunity to enhance the sustainable development impacts of tourism, generating well-being for the local population through the creation of new jobs and more inclusive local value chains, thus creating a virtuous circle between businesses and territories.

Circular economy for tourists

For tourists, the circular economy brings an opportunity to leave a positive footprint, to travel with purpose, and can lead to multiplier effects when it comes to the transformation of the whole tourism ecosystem through behaviour change.

The time is now and there are plenty of opportunities that force us to think about how we can make longer, better, more circular use of the materials and products that we utilize to deliver our service, creating value and partnerships, and bringing landfill waste as close to zero as possible.


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